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Snono was started in 2006 by designer & photographer Abdulrahman Jaber, our aim from the beginning was simply to enjoy every single day of our lives, work hard with like minded people who value our approach and who give us the freedom to deliver truly creative results.

Since then, thanks to our clients, we continue to achieve our goals, grow in number and we also have expanded our services.

Along the way, we have also discovered some top talents most of whom we've hired. We are still independent. We are still passionate. And we are still committed.

Our mission: to create an effective, inspirational design and communications. Our team comprises of an art director, designers, web developers, account manager, illustrator, photographer and a strategist. 




Since we begans we have created over 50 brand identities, designed and built many websites, art directed many photo shoots, created, developed, written, designed and produced hundreds of visual messages and ideas. 

In short, we name brands, give them identities and personalities. Then we help develop what they do, identify who they do it for, put them in touch with each other, write the words, draw the pictures, design, photograph and illustrate the material, create online tools to help track progress and research new ideas and probably a whole lot more.

But most of all we only choose to work on projects that we have a personal belief in and that we would be consumers of ourselves. That way we always get it right. All we ask is that our clients keep an open mind, display our credit on everything we do, pay us on time and enjoy the process from beginning to end.